Provisional PMDC Registration Process Guidelines

Procedure for Obtaining Provisional License
(For House Job) by PMDC:

METHOD NO. 1 (Not Recommended)

1. After the DMC of Final Professional Exam is issued, Principal will call candidates one by one in his office or a designated area.
2. Principal will get the PMDC License Form signed by the graduates, in front of him.
3. After all the graduating class had signed the forms, all the forms will be sent to Islamabad Head Office of PMDC, for issuance of Provisional License.
4. Graduates will get the License in 10 days after PMDC had received the forms.
5. After getting the Provisional License,
the graduate may commence House Job any time.

Process of Fresh (First time) registration
for guidance of Fresh Graduates and Principals

process of fresh grad_001


01. Download PMDC Form – 1 Medical for House Job
(Provisional PMDC)

02. Print It, & Fill It In Neat & Clean Hand Writing

03. Attach PHOTOCOPIES of Following Documents After Attestation (With Blue Ink)
From Principal Of Your Medical College or Professor Of Your College


** Remember Here DMC means DMC’s Of All 5 Years (Both Annual & Supplementary If Anyone Has Compart In Any Subject. If No Supply, Than Only Annual)
** PMDC Already Has Your PMDC Student Registration Data. So If You Already Have This Certificate, Attach It. Otherwise, No Need Of This. They Can Take Care Themselves)
** Total 4 Photographs with WHITE Background should be attached.
1 (Attested From Front) Should be pasted on the 1st page of Form,
Other 3 (Attested From Back) Should Be Stapled With The Form.


Regular Fee = Rs. 500/-
Urgent Fee = Rs. 1000/- Extra
Courier Charges For Delivery At Home = Rs. 150/-

Example: If You Want PMDC On Urgent Basis Through Courier, Then You Have to Pay Total Of Rs. 1650/-


01. Bank Draft/Pay Order

02. Cash Can Be Deposited At Bank Counter
in PMDC Office ISLAMABAD By Hand.


Now Either You Can Send PMDC Form + All Documents By Courier To PMDC ISLAMABAD
[In this Case, Total Regular Basis Charges = Rs. 650/-
Total Urgent Basis Charges = Rs. 1650/-
(Time Duration Varies From 2 -3 weeks to Almost A Month)


You Can Go Directly To PMDC Office ISLAMABAD
& Submit By Hand & Receive By Hand.
By This Way, You Can Get Your PMDC On The Same Day
(If You’re Lucky Enough) or Maximum Within 3 working Days.


7 thoughts on “Provisional PMDC Registration Process Guidelines”

  1. What If your provisional Certificate time expires ( name retained upto *01-01-2017*) and you have not yet completed your houseJob.. Does One need to renew his provisional certificate or One can do the house job On that Old Provisional certificate?
    Plz reply..

      1. my brother lives in islamabad.
        could i send him to pmdc office?
        or the student really have to go there and get it submitted.

  2. what if one did not apply for provisional certificate in the first place. did house job in 2013. now want to get PMDC registration, what will be the procedure? any idea??

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