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Interactive Physiology 10-System Suite



Interactive Physiology 10-System Suite is filled with detailed animations, videos, sound and engaging quizzes and games that help bring physiology to life.

Interactive Physiology 10-System Suite Student Edition contains the following 10 body systems on one disk:

Cardiovascular, Muscular, Respiratory, Nervous, Urinary, Fluids & Electrolytes, Nervous II, Endocrine, Digestive, and (New!) Immune. Each physiological concept is preceded by a set of goals and an anatomy review, and followed by a thorough quiz that tests mastery of those goals through engaging activities that ask you to predict outcomes, play with variables, and measure responses.

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Download Following Software’s

Dr. Najeeb G.I & Hepatobiliary Physiology Lectures


List Of Dr. Najeeb G.I & Hepatobiliary Physiology Lectures
For 2nd Year MBBS

Dr. Najeeb Endocrine Physiology Lectures


List Of Dr. Najeeb Endocrine Physiology Lectures
For 2nd Year MBBS

Dr. Najeeb Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology Lectures


List Of Dr. Najeeb Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology Lectures
For 2nd Year MBBS

Go Through These Lectures At Least Once In Your Whole Session, These’ll Help You In Both Anatomy (Brain) & Physiology (CNS)..

Dr.-Najeeb-Neuroanatomy-&-Neurophysiology-Lectures-01 Dr.-Najeeb-Neuroanatomy-&-Neurophysiology-Lectures-02 Dr.-Najeeb-Neuroanatomy-&-Neurophysiology-Lectures-03Dr.-Najeeb-Neuroanatomy-&-Neurophysiology-Lectures-04