Dr. Najeeb Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology Lectures


List Of Dr. Najeeb Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology Lectures
For 2nd Year MBBS

Go Through These Lectures At Least Once In Your Whole Session, These’ll Help You In Both Anatomy (Brain) & Physiology (CNS)..

Dr.-Najeeb-Neuroanatomy-&-Neurophysiology-Lectures-01 Dr.-Najeeb-Neuroanatomy-&-Neurophysiology-Lectures-02 Dr.-Najeeb-Neuroanatomy-&-Neurophysiology-Lectures-03Dr.-Najeeb-Neuroanatomy-&-Neurophysiology-Lectures-04

37 thoughts on “Dr. Najeeb Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology Lectures”

  1. thanks for posting them. but i dont understand how to watch them . when i click only the images appear.. i need to watch them ..please help me out .neuro is killing me.

  2. never got anything in my inbox.. anyway i did find them on a very hard to find site and downloaded the neuro portion . i would have deleted them had it not been for your photos as they showed me the proper way of watching them .. its easier in the sequence you have provided .. thanks a ton bro.
    btw what was in the inbox. what did you send.

  3. Sir
    I m your biggest fan ….
    Am a student of occupational therapy at SV.NIRTAR I have seen most of ur videos and all are concerned withbasics ….
    I request you to share the neuroanatomy and physiology lecture for many better understand…..
    Punya sloka rath

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